“To me, the Bible is prismatic, shocking, demanding, freeing. It’s the deepest stream, the blood in my veins, the stories and words of my dreams and my middle-of-the-night prayers. I am still surprised on a regular basis at the love I feel for the spirit of God, the deep respect and emotion that I experience when I see an expanse of water or a new baby or the kindness of strangers”- Cold Tangerines, Shauna Niequist.

As I ran my long run this morning, my legs were tired. I felt tired and joyful. The quiet trail was no longer quiet; it was loud…busy…full of distance runners like, recreational New Year’s runners, and cyclists. The funny thing?

To me, it seemed almost just as quiet as yesterday…when the trail was: empty. Even without my ipod to distract me from the miles I had to run, I was in my own world. That’s how running is for me; it’s time I spend with the Lord. I take in the trail, the tiredness I feel, the constant decisions rolling about in my mind, God whispering that He wants me to pursue Him more…over anything else. I think about all the things I could do better, spend more time on, like writing to my grandparents or actually sticking to my core routine…or how I really want to be plugged into a small group of people my age. I come up with strategies, plans, reasons. And, then, God whispers to just..stop. Stop planning. Stop trying to figure it all out. Stop trying to control. I usually protest and say, “God .. really?” The response is always, “I love you. You gave me your life. You’ve said yes to me. Don’t you think I know best?”

This was morning was a time of prayer and reflection and feeling God’s spirit pour over me. 

After coffee with my close friend Hayley, and her friend, Sarah, at our favorite bakery, Karen’s…I went home and baked delicious banana bread.

Then, to Bloom I came. 

Bloom Coffee and Tea not only has great coffee, tea, and pastries…but it’s a beautiful place to blog. 



They brew Verve. I usually get iced toddy. Absolutely delicious.



And, when I’m hungry. The chocolate chip oat scone is my very favorite. 



Simple logo, but a statement.



I sat in a wooden booth…and read Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist.



And, drank toddy.

And, this is why I really enjoy reading Shauna Niequist:

“For me, writing is about control. Or, more accurately, loss of control. Maybe you are a writer, and you disagree because writing for you feels more like walking on the beach or getting a massage. Well, maybe you and I should never meet for coffee. Writing for me feels like getting naked in public. It feels like falling to the bottom of a well and finding lots of creepy crawly things down there with you. It feels like opening up a box of snakes. It feels kooky and scary and out of control. It makes me upset sometimes, because it makes me honest. When I sit down to write, for awhile I read magazines and send emails and wander around, and then when I finally get up the guts to crack through the ice of my mind, I find myself in an odd universe of feelings I didn’t know I felt, and memories I didn’t know I carried. After I’ve been writing for awhile, I get sort of sensitive and strange, like a theater kid in high school…”

Shauna, let’s meet for coffee.


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