The Very Best.



So, this is my mom and I. Best friend. Coffee lover like me. Chocolate snob like me. And, the best part about us, my mom and I, is that we’re alike. We’re alike enough in every sense of the way….that she understands my absolute passion for running, my indecisiveness, my need to be honest to a fault, and my intense love for people, for the hurting and broken. I could go on and on about why we are best friends, why she is my mom, but also my partner in enduring, well…my 10 mile tempo. (only she bikes) She’s my best friend because she is honest to a fault with me…and it’s a beautiful need that I have in my life, the need for her honesty. I need her brutal honesty, to tell me how proud of me she is…or sometimes, how I’m being selfish or needy or not seeing God’s blessings right in front of me. She points them out to me because she loves me, more than life. And, I do the same for her. 

We think alike. In fact, yes, in college…she was the person I talked to every day. She was who I called and cried when I needed to breathe…when I needed a break. But, she was also the person I called after hard and accomplishing workouts. She understand my excitement when I told her ….”Mom! I did a 6 mile tempo today in ‘blah blah’ time.” I’d tell her how strong I felt or how bad I felt…but how God gave me strength for a solid workout. I also called her for relationship advice–with friends, guys..etc. Why? I love how she lives out her relationships. She’s selfless and giving. She’s taught me how important it is to care more about the other person than yourself. I’m terrible at it. But, I’m trying. 

Now I’m graduated, living on my own, but closer to home. And, it’s wonderful. My best friend isn’t so far away anymore. Funny thing is….I still Skype her from my apartment. I call her on my really great days where I’m encouraged..or the days that are really discouraging, even if it’s a 5 minute conversation. She’s an advice giver, my ‘coach’ for a workout when my coach is in So Cal, and, my mom. The older I get, the more blessed I feel by our relationship. And, the more I pray and hope I can be the kind of my mom..that my mom is for me. 


One thought on “The Very Best.

  1. You are my heart of love! I love how we think alike…exactly alike. I’ll text and you will be texting at the same time. I love how you are encouraging. I learn so much from you. I am amazed at your passion and love for God at such an early age. Really, since the age of 4 when you gave God your heart, you gave it all and have lived for Him. It is beautiful to see how he uses you and shapes you. I am more than blessed by you! 🙂 Love love love!

    Now, go eat some chocolate! 🙂

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