If I am being honest, I have been so indecisive about life decisions this past month. I don’t know about you, but I am feeling 22, including “happy, free, confused, and lonely all at the same time.” And, it’s a good feeling. Until, you rely more on other’s advice, rather than God’s whisper. Until, you live so far in the future that you can’t enjoy the present. Until, you become worried and anxious. So, this year, I am settling not into complacency, but contentment in the blessings God has given me here. Being a Resident Director (secretly the best job in the world). Signing with Mizuno as a Professional Runner in pursing my Olympic Marathon dreams …and the coming 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials. Finally being home in Northern California near my family. Getting the joy of visiting friends all over–Southern California, Oregon this summer possibly…Colorado in the future, and anywhere else they might move. And, enjoying being me: I drink too much coffee. I run miles upon miles. And, on top of that…I am not afraid to admit that I eat very healthy and I enjoy it. I enjoy big kale salads and brussel sprouts..and sweet potatoes. I enjoy plain greek yogurt and flax…and other foods that fuel my body to do what I love. I keep up on blogs I adore and am jealous.Image

 Most importantly, again and again, I am reminded of God’s grace and faithfulness. My goodness He is patient with me. My good friend, Katy, reminded me the other day that what I prayed for a year ago…I am now doing. I am thrilled to see what God has in store for this next year.


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